Friday, August 15, 2008

It Arrived

We received 3 packages stuffed with all the things Sarah will need to be home schooled. I'm so excited. Sarah was too. She wanted to start today. I'm not ready just yet. I told her I needed this weekend to go through it all and we may start on Monday. At the latest Tuesday.

Daniel and I are excited about this new adventure for our family. Sarah is insanely smart for her age. When we moved to South Carolina, Sarah should have been placed in kindergarten. Instead, she completed that in a private school in Virginia and we enrolled her in first grade. Halfway through that year, the school noticed that her age didn't match with her grade and attempted to move her back. Both the Principal and her teacher fought and won the battle to keep her where she was.

Upon entering second grade, Sarah was already reading/comprehending on a 5-6th grade level. She stayed bored most of last year. Her teacher was awesome and tried her best to teach Sarah at her level. But, that's hard to do when you have 21 kids. Sarah wasn't fond of going to school because she was bored. It wasn't all bad, but we were concerned about what would happen this school year.

We talked with the principal about different options, because Sarah did not get into the Gifted and Talented program. (That in itself was a joke.) In the end, we decided that Sarah was not ready to move up to fourth grade, even if it was only for a few classes. We talked with my best friend in Virginia who has home schooled for the past 3 years, with the teacher, principal and family about the options. Based on all of that, we determined that for the moment, homeschooling would be Sarah's best option.

So, here we are. Sarah and I will be starting next week. Pray for us!

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