Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's new?

Not much. I've been wanting to post something since I got back from Virginia, but the words are stuck inside. Hopefully now that I've started, they'll spill out.

It all started last Friday when Daniel, Sarah, Ashton and I went to pick up Sam and Cesar for the trip to the Charlotte airport. Daniel, Sam and Cesar are part of a missions team to Romania. Our church, East Pickens, helped a church in Turner Severene open an orphanage many years ago. The guys were going over to teach VBS and do some prayer walking.

After dropping them off, we headed on up to High Point, NC to spend the night with Daniel's aunt and uncle. Allen and Kylene are always wonderful to stay with. Kylene spent some time doing some girly things with Sarah that involved skin care, lotions, makeup and jewlery. Sarah loves that because I only occasionally dabble in the girly girl things of life! Ashton, as always was a big hit as well. He did the funny giggle thing that is now his trademark. It's so cute and he does it all day long.

The next day, we did a bit of shoe shopping before I had to drop Sarah off. Our efforts were unsuccessful. But, I did find a cute pair of sandals for Sarah today. I dropped Sarah off with her dad on Saturday and headed on to Mendota, VA. Mendota also is referred to as the middle of nowhere!

It was so wonderful to see Teresa, Adam and the kids. Teresa is one of my closest friends and we have not seen each other in almost a year. This was her first time seeing Ashton. It was wonderful. We spent time catching up and bearing our hearts as only old friends can do. Wesley and Shane (her two little ones) are so great! Shane will be one in a few days and is already walking. Wesley is boy version of Sarah - so smart and he never quits talking! Our time together was too short. Lord willing we will be able to see each other again before another year goes by.

On Sunday, I went with Adam and Teresa to their new church. We had been praying about them finding a church for some time. It's not so easy to find a church home when you move to a new town. A month or so ago, they managed to find one that is wonderful. When I came in with them, I was welcomed and I could tell how much they loved Adam and Teresa already. That night, we came back for a fellowship dinner. It was a blast. Ashton was doing his funny laugh and that endeared him to everyone.

After the dinner, a few folks (including Adam, Teresa and I) stayed to play cards. We played some golf card game. I was skeptical at first, but ended up loving it. I've got to get the name from Teresa and buy a set of the cards. Teresa and I have a habit of becoming a bit unruly and that night proved no different! Adam made a comment and then I made a comment and for the rest of the night, we continually erupted in laughter. At times, I was crying and couldn't catch my breath. It was so much fun. I'm just hoping that the Associate Pastor doesn't have to go in front of the church to repent for... well, I wont say what from... Somehow, I end up bringing a bit of trouble to gatherings where Teresa and I are involved. Anyway, I would have paid top dollar for a picture of Adam's face when I replied to one of his statements. I'll leave it at that.

The rest of our time together was spent talking, moving furniture and perusing shops. I'm so thankful that we got to see each other. I consider Teresa to be a sister to me and an Aunt to my children. That's how close we are. I only wish we could live closer but that's not to be.

One other interesting thing. Being in Mendota fried my cell phone. I went to bed one night and forgot to cut it off. It spent the whole night searching for a signal and ended up being fried! Can you believe that? It was crazy.

Anyway, I ended up driving home on Tuesday. I wanted to visit some with Daniel's grandparents, who live close to Teresa but was too tired to try and find my way. Hopefully Daniel and I will get to do that within the next few weeks.

One thing I want to mention is that Eastern Tennessee is gorgeous. I think it's even prettier than the mountains of VA and NC. The farm land is uncluttered by subdivisions or trailer parks and the views are stunning. I was so blessed to have to drive through their on the way home.

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