Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Heart of a Child

I'm sitting here today missing my little girl. She's been in Virginia with her dad for over a week and it feels like a long time. Before she left, we talked about how often she wanted me to call. There are some dynamics at work and she said once a week would be best. I've emailed her a few times, but she is not fond of typing.

But I digress. As I sat missing her last night, I started thinking about what a sweet spirit Sarah has. Yes, she's type A and likes to be in charge. Yes, we do butt heads sometimes. But underneath all of that lies one of the kindest hearts that I know. It got me to thinking about one of the first times that I saw the depths of her kindness.

Like most children, Sarah was extremely attached to her pink and blue blankets. One or both went everywhere with us. Even to volleyball. Sarah's blankets were one of the things that she was not required to share. It was an event at times to get them away to wash. She didn't really care if they were turning brown or had stains on them. Kids can overlook things like that.

One evening when she was 3(ish), we were at the church for volleyball. One of the guys went down hard on his ankle. The others helped him over to the side of the court. We propped his leg up while others were getting ice. Once it came back, we placed it on his leg. As we were working to doctor our fallen friend, Sarah came up to him and gave him her blanket. It comforted her through everything and she wanted him to use it. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

To this day that memory still brings tears to my eyes. Since then, Sarah has done many things that impress me. She has a kind and loving heart. I could ask for nothing more.

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Sarah said...

oh mom your soooo sweet