Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yup folks, that's right. I put it in the headline. Don't you just feel like it's some sort of cosmic joke at times? You're going about your day and suddenly, you feel the hormones shifting. They start flowing through your veins and then everything you see has this strange red tint. Then the washing machine beeps to loud and your snarl. Suddenly you look up and wonder "Did I really snarl?" In disbelief you shake your head and keep going about your day.

What's up with the red vision. You ignore it and forge on. Suddenly the dog starts tearing into something and you imagine him strung up on some high branch. Did I just think that? Uh, yeah. Again you go on. These moments keep occurring until you kick your toe and snap. Was that knife always in the wall? Where's the knife that was just in your hands? Hopefully, every other human you love is not within the vicinity. Then you realize it's that time again. The hormonal crazy woman is back.

Other than the red tint and the snarl and maybe the bad thoughts about the rotten dog, the events are fictitious. Well, I guess the hormonal crazy part fits as well. But I digress. Doesn't it just drive you nuts to have to fight your own body for control over your mind in addition to the attacks that Satan throws your way? Thankfully the mood swings are not this bad every month!

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Alicia said...

Oh my gosh! Do you have cameras in my house?