Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ear Woes

Ashton is still suffering from ear trouble. I took him back to the doctor and he still had fluid on his right ear. The doctor went ahead and gave him a prescription and I asked about a referral to an ear nose and throat specialist. He said that since Ashton has had fluid on his ear for almost three months he may be able to get a tube in that ear. I hope so because it's hard seeing him feel so bad. Plus he's had a low grade fever for about two weeks now.

Tonight, Ashton screamed for almost an hour. Then Daniel came home and took over. Ashton proceeded to cry for another hour and then passed out on Daniel.

Pray that this new round of antibiotics helps to get rid of any hidden infection and that his ear starts draining properly. And pray that the specialist will know the right thing to do for our little man. Oh, pray that Daniel and I maintain our sanity through the days and nights with our sick little one. It can be very draining.

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