Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Monday - Have a new Kid by Friday

Last night I took some time out to read the first chapter in the book. It reminded me that I really do know how this parenting thing works and now that Sarah is older, I've been giving her more leeway. He told a story in there about a small kid who wouldn't go with her mom because she was throwing a tantrum. Lemans advice was to walk away. I laughed, because I had quite a few of those moments with Sarah.

One time, we were at Short Pump mall and she didn't want to walk with me. I told her to have a good day then and started to walk away. Before I could get 3 steps away, she was at my side walking with me. I said what my intentions were and expected Sarah to follow me. Now that she grown more intelligent, I tend to reason and cajole. It doesn't work and teaches her to argue with me.

So, step one has already begun. I ask once and expect it to be completed. If she doesn't do it, she misses out on something she wants to do. Last night, she lost homework time. She had to get up early this morning and complete it before school. I don't expect to have a battle over that again tonight!

We are also working on respect. Sarah likes to talk back and roll her eyes and tell me how mean I am. That's not acceptable and will also cause her to lose privileges. This next week is going to be a challenge, so pray for me! I'll let you know how it goes.

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