Thursday, February 28, 2008

One Exhausting Week

Yesterday was one of the longest days that I've had in a while. Tuesday night, I found evidence that the mouses partner was looking for it all throughout my lower sink cabinets. So, that meant it was time to pull everything out again and clean it. Then, Sarah came down with the stomach flu. It was a pretty bad case of it. So, her bedspread, sheets and floor had to be cleaned in addition to her clothes. Poor Daniel walked into all to all of this Tuesday evening.

Well, by the end of Tuesday, all the dishes from the under sink counters were in the middle of the kitchen floor and the laundry from Sarah's room in the washer. Sarah got up yesterday with a crampy belly and Ashton started sporting a fever. And then I started to feel bad as well. Ahhh! It was crazy. Daniel has been working from 8am - 9pm every night this week. He's had freshman orientation, his masters class, a home bound student and tonight a study group. He's been exhausted each night. To top it off, Ashton has not been sleeping well due to a stuffy nose. Yesterday, I had to get all the dishes clean again and plug the holes under the sink with steel wool. Then the laundry had to be dealt with and I wont begin to mention the floors. Ahhh! Needless to say, I'm running behind on many of the household stuff. It's enough to drive a woman insane.

So, here we are at Thursday. Sarah went to school today but came home early. Her throat was hurting and her stomach was once again upset. I had to take her to the doctor to find out she doesn't have strep (Thank you Lord!). I managed to finish up the dishes and get the laundry started. I even managed to get some put away. Unfortunately, I have to find new homes for the under sink stuff until I'm sure the mouse hasn't found a new way in. Sarah seems to be feeling better this evening. She's starting to talk - a lot! Ashton seems to be feeling better also.

So, what did I learn from all this. Being a single mom of one was a breeze compared to having two! Kudos to all single moms, but especially to moms of multiples. Although I knew this already, but my darling hubby is one amazing, hard working man. I still am not a huge fan of housecleaning, but I am grateful to be healthy enough to do some each day. I can see how much I contribute when the kids illnesses pull me away. The next day I'm swamped. But most importantly, I've been convicted about my lack of prayer and dependence on God during days that are trying. I looked back over the last few days, and I see many instances where I needed to stop everything and spend a few minutes with God. I didn't do that and therefore, God could not help me with my burdens.

He says to come to Him and He will give me rest. When times are crazy, don't forget to turn to the one who walks with you on a daily basis. I know from experience that depending on myself doesn't do it. I need to give it all over to Him.

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