Friday, January 4, 2008

Weight Watching

This year is my time to drop the final 10 baby pounds and the 20 stress pounds that I started off with before I got pregnant. Yup, that's right I plan on getting rid of 30 pounds to be at my ideal weight. So, at least once a week I'll be posting my weight and going over some of what I'm doing.

Unfortunatly, I have to give up weight lifting until I see a cardiologist. I learned recently that my sister died of mitral valve prolapse. It's an inherited disorder and my children and I are at risk. Until then, I'll have to do some walking and start watching my diet - Yuk.

Daniel has been a doll about it. The other day, he went to the store and brought home some healthy snacks to help encourage me! He's so great!

So, as of today, I'm 165. Here goes nothing....

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