Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Drama Queen Arrives... Again

Wednesday, we were all getting ready to head to church. I told Sarah to grab her stuff for Awana and put on her shoes. A few minutes later, she comes out without her book. Apparently she misplaced it. We've been going through a lot of the "misplacing" episodes lately. Daniel even went in on Monday and helped her organize her room. (Isn't he great!)

Well, we told her that we would have to go without the book. That brought on 30 minutes of the kind of dramatic crying fits that I hope to never see again. I mean, you would have thought the child lost her best friend based on the production she put on. I'm more of the tomboy type, so these crying jags leave me feeling like men sometimes do at a crying female. So, Daniel and I worked to bring her down from the precipice.

We told her that we would help her search the house the next day and if we couldn't find it, we could get a new one. That only brought on more histerics. We told her the book was not more important that going to fellowship with others. After more histerics and discussion, we finally practically dragged her out to the car for church.

Then, after church was over, she came out of Awana like nothing had happened. The leader let her borrow a book and she got a red gem. We asked her about the earlier events and she didn't know why she went off the deep end.


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