Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adding to Our Family

Daniel and I are still looking into adoption. We are going to take our time on it, but still move forward. I'm hoping we can go to an adoption expo on Feb. 2nd. I want to hear from people who've been through this process and just get some general information.

This whole thing seems a little daunting at times. Daniel and I will have to prepare our home and family for 1-2 more children. (God seems to be calling us to adopt a sibling group.) That's a lot of work. This year alone, we need to pay off Daniel's care and purchase a mini-van. We're really hoping to get the van paid off as well. As you know, we are a single income home so that's a bit tough. Daniel has been taking on extra work at school to help make our dream happen. In addition to that, he's going for his Masters in Education. I'm so proud to have a husband that works so hard to make our dreams come true.

Sarah is also getting excited to have some new siblings. I think she would skip all the waiting and prep to go and pick up a few kids. She has such a loving and compassionate heart.

Pray for us as we look into this new adventure!

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